WhatsApp to add a new verification process for payment feature

WhatsApp has already provided the users with a payment system on their app, through which they can directly send the payment to any contact on the app through UPI. However, in order to use the UPI feature, one simply has to verify the same phone number which is also associated with the bank account. Once done, the user is able to use the UPI feature for payment. However, this might soon change for every user. For now, the verification process is very simple, but in the future, the users will have to verify their documents before they are able to use the Payments feature on WhatsApp. 

The data was found by XDA developers on the latest beta version of WhatsApp. As per them, the users will not have to provide the supporting documents for the verification, and only then will they be allowed to use the payment function. The developers confirmed that there are many lines in the beta build of the apps which suggest that the digital copy of the documents will be required to activate the UPI settings on the app. 

The changes were detected in WhatsApp beta version v2.21.22.6. News also leaked a few months back that WhatsApp might be looking to launch a new payment platform called WhatsApp Pay and it might be a requirement for that feature. This kind of document is a legislative requirement from government bodies due to which the app is adding such a verification process. The stable version of the feature might take a while before it is revealed to the users. 


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