WhatsApp released a new Status Undo feature on the Beta platform

WhatsApp has been working on an entirely new feature for Android users right now. As per the new feature, the users will be able to use the “Undo Status Update”. The feature has been added to the Google Play Beta program through app version As per the new Undo feature, which has been specifically designed for Android users, for now, it will enable the users to revert a status that they have mistakenly published on their profile.

The action will allow the users to undo the status almost immediately without any delays. Although this feature is already available, the Undo feature focuses more on doing this rapidly and at a much faster speed. The new Undo function allows the users to remove the status with a single tap. Once the feature has been used on the app, it will notify the users about the elimination of the update. The feature has been released on the beta platform but only for some of the users.

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In the coming days, the feature will be made available for other beta users as well. It is not the only feature they have released in the beta platform. A few days back, the company also released the View Once feature, which allowed users to interact more securely. The View Once aspect will work on all types of messages like Images, video, and text and will vanish automatically once it has been viewed by the receiver. There are more Android-specific features coming to the Beta platform as well which will soon be revealed in the future.

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