WhatsApp stable multi-device feature comes to iOS

WhatsApp has been working on multi-device support for a long time now, but finally, it has been launched as a stable version for iOS users. iOS users who are on the latest WhatsApp version will receive the multi-device feature, which is stable and without bugs. With the multi-device support, the users will not have to keep the device online in order to use it on another device. Simply scanning the QR code will enable WhatsApp on another device, from where you can keep using it as an individual device. 

Apart from this, the messaging app has also started testing a new feature called the in-app business directory which lets the local users find the shops in Brazil. It is currently undergoing testing in Sao Paulo and is expected to become a stable version in a couple of months. Once stable and released in Brazil, it will be further expanded to India and Indonesia as well. The feature will work on all types of business categories, like food, retail, and other types of local services that people are looking for around them. 

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The multi-device feature will also come to the Android operating system very soon in a stable version and also the in-app business feature. WhatsApp is all due to launch a horde of new features on both the Android and iOS platforms in the coming days, which will surely give the app the competitive advantage over others and multiple ways to earn revenue.

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