WhatsApp Strengthens Security with New Chat Lock Feature

WhatsApp has made enormous efforts in recent years to improve the safety and security of its network. As one of the most popular Android messaging apps, with over a billion daily users and billions of messages received, it was critical for WhatsApp to make much-needed upgrades. Now, Meta’s messaging service is taking another step towards making chat safer and more secure by adding Chat Lock. Chat Lock, unlike the existing ability to lock WhatsApp using your phone’s password, PIN, or biometric verification, allows you to individually lock conversations, whether they are private with a loved one or group chats with friends.

When you lock a chat, it disappears from your primary WhatsApp inbox. Instead, it will be relocated to a different folder that will be protected by your phone’s PIN, password, or biometric authentication. Simply pull down gently while in WhatsApp’s primary inbox view to access the restricted chat folder. The Chat Lock option is available in the chat details section of each session. Furthermore, alerts from locked chats will not reveal the message content for further privacy. When you tap on a locked conversation, you will be prompted to use biometric authentication to authenticate your identity before you can access the message.

Meta has also stated that it intends to strengthen the Chat Lock feature in the future months. This includes the ability to lock chats on companion devices and the ability to generate custom chat passwords. You will be able to configure a separate lock for your private WhatsApp conversations, separate from your device unlock password or PIN, with personalized passwords. The Chat Lock feature is now available in the latest version of WhatsApp for both Android and iPhone users. If you’ve already upgraded to the most recent version, check the Chat details area to see if the option is accessible for your account.

Consider studying the main privacy features provided by WhatsApp that you should use to improve security.


  • WhatsApp introduces the Chat Lock feature to improve security.
  • Individual discussions can be locked with Chat Lock.
  • Locked chats are relocated to their own folder and require a PIN, password, or biometric identification to access.
  • Message content is not displayed in notifications from locked chats.
  • In the future, you’ll be able to lock chats on companion devices and create bespoke passwords.
  • Chat Lock is now available in the most recent version of WhatsApp for Android and iPhone.
  • Check the Chat information area to verify if the function has been activated for your account.
  • For increased security, investigate WhatsApp’s additional privacy features.

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