WhatsApp Unveils Companion Mode: A New Multi-Device Feature for Android Beta Users

Companion Mode, a new feature that WhatsApp recently introduced, is currently being tested on the Android operating system. Android beta users using version or later can now access this feature, first released in 2022.

A new support layer called Companion Mode has been introduced to WhatsApp’s already-existing multi-device support function. Users can use this function to link their WhatsApp account to a second Android device for better access to their chats. Users can easily retrieve their chat history even if the primary device has no internet connection.

Companion Mode can only link a second Android device and is only accessible on the Android operating system. Users must have WhatsApp Messenger or Business beta on their backup Android phone to access this feature. After that, users can open the app on their primary phone and choose the ‘Connect a device‘ option. Afterward, users must select Connected Devices under Settings. Finally, users may easily view their chat history on both devices after scanning a QR code with the secondary phone to connect the two.

Keep in mind that this feature is still in beta testing. Therefore some features might be available elsewhere. Presently, Companion Mode allows users to connect up to four devices.


  • For Android beta users, WhatsApp has introduced a new Companion Mode feature.
  • Companion Mode expands upon the existing WhatsApp multi-device compatibility feature.
  • Users can link their WhatsApp accounts to additional Android devices for simple access to chats.
  • Only the Android operating system supports this capability, which is still in beta.
  • With Companion Mode, users can connect up to four devices.

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