WhatsApp Web gets a new Image editor, while the mobile app gets new emojis

For those of you who are using WhatsApp Web client, the company has added yet another feature where you will be able to edit the image in the web image editor before sending it. The feature has been launched especially for the WhatsApp Web and it helps to bring the web experience of the app similar to the mobile version. The new feature or image editing tool that has been added to the web client allows users to tweak the image before sending it. 

The same features have been a part of the mobile app for a long time and finally, it makes its way to the mobile app. The users of the web version will be able to doodle on the existing image and also add stickers and emojis. The users will also be able to edit the images by cropping and rotating them. After the image is selected in the chat window, the tools will automatically appear and the users have to select it to start the editing process.

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Apart from this new addition, the company has also added new emojis to the mobile app version The emojis are currently in the beta version of the app and will soon be released as a stable public version. There will be around 217 new emojis that will be added to the mobile app after the update. If both the sender and receiver have the beta version of the app, they will be able to send each other the new emojis.

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