Windows 11 might not be the ideal operating system for gamers

Windows 11 is one of the most secure operating systems from Microsoft and it has features that will not only keep the user data safe but also help to detect any kind of malicious activity over the internet through in-built features. Although it might look like one of the most promising operating systems to date, it might not be as good for gamers, due to which UL benchmarks, the publisher of 3DMark software, has suggested gamers keep away from Windows 11 as it can reduce the gaming performance up to 30%. 

The issue was found with Microsoft’s virtualization-based Security (VBS) function of Windows 11, which is not allowing the games to work with full performance. Once the user upgrades from Windows 10 to Windows 11, it will automatically be activated and will decrease the running score and gaming performance. However, this was done on the preview build of Windows 11 and it might have been fixed to a certain extent in the final version of the operating system. 

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Microsoft VBS security function uses hardware virtualization to create a safe memory area to run programs, where the programs get isolated from the operating system. Due to this we can find a lag or drop in performance of the games on Windows 11. The same was also noticed in 3D Mark test software. Some users also believe that upgrading to Windows 11 immediately would bring a lot of issues initially, so they should wait for some time before upgrading to the new operating system as most of the bugs would have been resolved by that time.


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