Windows MS Paint to get a visual design change, might get some new tools as well

Ever since we are working on Windows, one of the most popular and commonly used in-built software has been MS Paint. This is one software that has been used by almost every kind of user and has remained unchanged for many years. However, Microsoft is now planning to change the look of MS Paint this time in Windows 11. One of the major strengths of MS Paint is that it is very easy to use, even by users who are not that technically sound. It is one of the reasons why Microsoft has been retaining it for years. 

New changes that will be brought in the software would include a refreshed UI and improved visuals of the tool. It would also come with a dark mode that is a part of Windows 11 visual design. Since the company has been working on the older tools now, it is not certain if they will be adding any new tools to MS Paint. Also, it also brings in rumors that the company could work on much such software like Windows Media Player, Photos, and a lot more, which has been a part of the Windows environment for a long time. 

The changes that Microsoft has been making to MS Paint will soon be added to Windows 11 through an update. Similarly, the company might be working on revamping some of the older tools that they might reveal in the future. For now, we can expect all the Windows tools to get a visual makeover as per the Windows 11 design theme.

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