Xbox and PS5 increase the sales of games by $6.9 billion in the month of November 2020

Everyone was expecting both Sony and Xbox to release their new generation of consoles in the market and they also expected to have a great competition between the two when it came to sales and performance. As soon as the consoles went live in November for the public, the company had a large shortage of stocks, which still remains to be an issue and also a record $1.4 billion spent on new hardware, with most spent on buying these consoles. 

Not only this, but the momentum also helped the gaming industry is getting a record sale of $6.9 billion for the month of November in the US. The sales of both these consoles increased the sale of the Hardware in the US market by more than 34%, which almost equals $4 billion. Among all the consoles, Playstation 5 leads the race with a maximum number of sales, after which Nintendo Switch sold the most units in November. For now, the Nintendo Switch has sold more than 22.5 million units in the US, and Nintendo revealed this month that more than 68 million units have been sold globally. 

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Now with so many new games and consoles coming at this time, the increase in sales was expected, however, the companies like Playstation and Xbox are also suffering through the issues of shortage in supply. However, both the companies are making sure to increase production and get the people products as soon as possible. Playstation has still not launched in India and the expected price will be 50k and 39k for the digital edition.


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