Xiaomi 12 smartphone to launch on December 12

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi is going to launch their new premium flagship phone Xiaomi 12 on December 12, which is now almost confirmed. As per reports, since the date is 12/12/12, the company wants to launch the phone in the number 12 series. Earlier, it was reported that the smartphone will be launched on December 16, however, the date has now been changed to December 12. The phone is expected to come with a new kind of camera technology that the company was working on. 

Also, it can include faster wireless charging speeds of at least 100W. As per the leaked details, the smartphone will be equipped with the latest Snapdragon 895/898, which is still to be launched by Qualcomm. It is also expected to feature a curved screen with almost no bezels and a center punch hole camera. The phone will also support a 120Hz refresh rate and 2K resolution. In terms of camera, it is expected to come with a new 50 MP primary camera sensor from Samsung or Sony, including major software tweaks that will enhance the camera performance. 

Another feature that is still not confirmed is the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, which might be part of the smartphone at the time of launch. It will be the first phone in the market to be equipped with the latest Qualcomm chipset after its launch and it is rumored that the new chipset brings significant changes to graphics performance. It would certainly be an online event that will be hosted through all social media handles of the company.


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