Xiaomi’s in-display camera technology to go on mass-production next year.

Xiaomi has been keeping themselves really busy this year. First, they gave the customer, all-new Redmi K30, and Mi 10 Ultra, and now the company is working on a new camera tech, which could be a part of their future camera phone lineup and other phones as well. The company unveiled its third generation of under-display camera technology, which they claim will start mass-producing next year. The company displayed the first prototype of an in-display camera over a year ago and has further improved it to make it commercially available to users. 

The camera will replace the existing front camera on the phone, which is visible either as a dot or waterdrop notch. With the new technology, the camera will not be visible on the front screen. In fact, it will remain hidden beneath the front screen. It has a proprietary pixel arrangement that allows the screen to pass light through the gap area of subpixels. This lets each pixel on the display retain a complete RGB subpixel layout, without sacrificing pixel density. When the user turns on the front camera, it will be visible on the screen, but will automatically merge into the screen when disabled. 

The company claims that after the mass production begins for the same, other types of screen design will not be required and it will provide edge-to-edge viewing. The company will also be updating the algorithm to improve on brightness, contrast, and other elements. Although the technology is still under testing, it will be ready by the next year.


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