Xiaomi launches the world first mass-produced transparent TV, and it does look stunning!!

Many companies have been working on a transparent glass screen for a long time but none has been able to provide a device that could use a transparent screen and is commercially available. But it seems that Xiaomi will be the first to use this technology in their smart TV’s. They have just launched their new smart TV named Mi TV LUX Transparent Edition, which is the world’s first transparent TV to be mass-produced commercially. Xiaomi did show a lot of details about the TV in the press blog and have mentioned a big part of the success in designing to Samsung. 

The TV seems like an edge to edge transparent self-luminous display transmitting images. A lot is still needed to be discovered about this new technology from Xiaomi. It does seem like all the mechanism of the TV that used to be at the back of the TV is now placed to the bottom of the screen in place of the stand. The smart TV has an aesthetically pleasing circular base stand, which will have all the controls and hardware necessary to run the television. The screen is said to be a transparent OLED panel which does not require any kind of backlighting. The screen is pure glass, that is why it is made in a way that it will remain “On” all the time with some fancy art. It will help people to differentiate it from normal glass.

The company has also confirmed that they are using the all-new AI Master Smart Engine in the TV for refined graphics and higher resolution for vibrant images. The product does seem very promising and would definitely be a treat for eyes in the real-world test. However, it might still take a while before it is commercially available for sale and testing as well. The TV will be a 55 inch unit with a 120Hz refresh rate and Meditek 9650 under the hood. The TV will also support Dolby Atmos and will be priced at RMB 49,000. Smart TV will be available in China from August 16. There is no information on the global availability of TV yet.

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