Xiaomi Mi 11 will not ship with a charger in the retail box

When Apple decided to ship their new iPhone series without a charger, a lot of memes and the mocking post came out from companies like Samsung Xiaomi and more, stating that their phones still come with the chargers. However, a few days back, Samsung removed their mocking post from Twitter and is now planning to launch the Galaxy S21 series with a charger due to the same environmental reason. In the same trend, even Xiaomin posted a photo of their smartphone packaging showing people that they do include chargers, unlike Apple. 

However, it seems that the company is going to follow the companies on the same track as well. Recently, Xiaomi’s CEO Lei Jun has revealed the details of the phone’s packaging which was released on Weibo. The new package seems to be very thin and light, something similar to Apple. The main reason for the package to be so thin is because the company has decided to remove the charger which was added to all their smartphones. Therefore, Xiaomi Mi 11 will be shipping with any charger in the retail box. 

YouTube video

Even Xiaomi is following the same reason for environmental harm and an effort to reduce the consumption of harmful elements for the environment. However, the companies are also planning to provide the customers with discounts and coupons on the sale of the smartphone, which could be a way to compensate the customers for the lack of charger in the box. More details will be released when the company officially launches the phone this month.

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