Xiaomi launches new Mi HyperSonic Power Bank

Xiaomi has not only been working on new features for the smartphone, but they have also been working a lot on the battery and charging technology for many of their products. One of such amazing products has been the power banks from Xiaomi that has been able to provide users with more power and better fast charging slots for the devices. It has been one of the most popular power banks in its category.

Xiaomi has been updating its power banks after a regular period of time, adding more slots and functionality to it. Now the company has introduced yet another product in this segment, which is their Mi HyperSonic Power Bank. The 20,000 mAh power bank not only provides a good battery backup but also up to three ports for allowing users to charge multiple devices at once. The Powerbank also offers 45W fast charging for laptops and a 50W fast charging feature for smartphones.

It comes with three ports which are a USB Type C port and two conventional USB A ports. The power bank takes around three hours and fifty minutes to charge completely and uses Li-poly batteries for fast and safe charging of devices. It also comes with over surge chip protection with six layers, which will provide features like a short circuit, temperature protection, voltage protection, over current protection, over-discharge protection, and much more. Double-tapping the power button will also give you low power charging mode which can be used for smaller devices. The power bank has been priced at Rs 3,499.


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