Xiaomi displayed new Smart Glasses which could possibly replace smartphones

When we talk about wearables or compact devices like smartphones, we also come across many companies who tried to make smart glasses that could replace smartphones in terms of functionality. However, to date, no company has been able to create such a device due to the complexity it includes. The next in the line to make the concept come to life is Xiaomi, which has recently displayed a smart glass that will be an alternative to smartphones in the future. Xiaomi will not be the first company to try it, but the demand and requirement for such smart glasses have not been high in the market. 

Most of the companies who tried making it had to drop the products as it causes discomfort on the eyes and head due to long hours of wearing and working with it. The smart glass presented by Xiaomi looks like ordinary glasses at first, however, it has a thick frame that includes all the components. The company claims that the chip used in the glasses is micro-LED optical waveguide technology. It can be used for calls, viewing messages, GPS navigation, taking photos, and more. It has a 0.13-inch microLED display with a pixel size of 4 microns. It offers deep blacks and bright pictures. 

As per Xiaomi, the human eye will be able to see a much larger picture and will be easily able to recognize everything on the screen. Infact, all this functionality is done by a single lens only instead of using multiple lenses and glasses. The smart glass would be made of 497 individual components and the users will be able to interact with the device through the XiaoAI voice assistant. The front of the smart glass includes a 5MP camera with a light indicator to let the users know when it is being used. There is currently no information it will be commercially available but it would be interesting to see how Xiaomi takes this product ahead in the future with more innovations.


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