Xiaomi to soon increase the price of their TV, due to the increase in the price of display panels

Xiaomi has been known for offering the latest tech products to the consumers at the most affordable price, making them one of the best value for product companies. In a similar attempt, the company launched its series of TV’s which became a huge hit due to its affordable price value. Earlier this week, many rumors came in the market that Xiaomi might increase the price of their televisions due to the increase in the price of the display panels, but nothing was confirmed at that time. 

Now, speculations are coming up that the price of the television might increase by almost $20-$40, which will be significantly based on the affordable price range they offer to the customers. The information was leaked through microblogging site Weibo, where the blogger mentioned that the price increase will happen as the price of LCD panels has been steadily rising from the last few months. As per him, the increase in price can be announced on August 28, 2020. The news was later confirmed by the ZNDS network, who confirmed the price hike will happen soon. 

The details reveal that the price of panels for 55 inches and 32 inch television has risen by 10 percent and the price for a panel for 50 and 65-inch television have increased by 8-10 percent. Although Xiaomi has not confirmed anything on the price hike, it seems to be imminent. This is going to certainly affect other companies as well who are using the same LCD panel for their devices

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