Xiaomi to launch new 82-inch TV with 4K and 8K resolution.

Xiaomi has been working on developing new TV technology to make TV’s much more affordable and smarter. A few days back, details came in where it was expected the TV for Xiaomi could get a bit expensive due to the increase in the price of LCD panels in the market. Also, they have been able to create a transparent OLED TV which is one of its kind that will be commercially available to masses. Another piece of information that has just come out from Xiaomi is that the company will be offering two new variants of TV’s, which will be 82-inch in size. 

Both the variants can be distinguished by the resolution they provide, which will be 8K and 4K. This will be the first 8K TV from Xiaomi in the market and the model numbers for both are L82M6-8K and L82M6-4K. Currently, the best TV on offer from Xiaomi is the 98-inch version with 3840×2160 resolution. The company has been able to use better technological advancement to increase the size of the screen as well as the resolution. The same technique has been applied to the new 8K series as well. 

8K TVs will become even more important in the future as 5G technology is going to be the center of everything, which will not only increase the requirement of the hardware but will also demand more resolution and resources from the TV. Therefore, it seems to be the perfect time from Xiaomi to present its new 8K television in the market. Xiaomi has already been popular with its Mi TV launch which has provided people with some of the best quality panels at affordable prices. Now with the launch of the new 8K TV, the company is going to strengthen its position in this category of the market.


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