Xiaomi’s new battery technology can increase the battery life by 100 minutes

Xiaomi has been working on new charging and battery technology for a long time now. Over the past few years, they have not only been able to increase the battery life on smartphones but have also discovered new ways of charging devices. Now, as per a new report from Xiaomi, the new technology they have discovered can increase the battery life of a smartphone by 100 minutes. The announcement was made by the R&D team of Xiaomi on Weibo, where they claimed that the new technology can be made available in smartphones by as early as next year.

They also claim that they have been able to increase the silicon content in the existing battery by almost 3 times. After the new technology is implemented, the smartphones from Xiaomi will have an extra 10% battery depending on the existing battery size and without increasing the capacity of the battery. They have also revealed that they were able to make PCM (protection circuit module) angled at 90 degrees instead of a flat position.

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Another feature that the new battery technology will have is the advanced fuel gauge chip, which will use advanced algorithms and will monitor the lifespan of cells in overnight charging. It will help to improve battery health and also increase its life. It will also add new sensors to the battery to check the temperature and ensure no heating is caused. The company has confirmed that we will be able to see the new battery by the second half of next year and the battery is going to be the biggest focus point for smartphone manufacturers in the coming years.

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