Youtube has added a lot of new features to its mobile app.

Youtube is one of the major video streaming platforms in the world and they have been adding new features to their apps regularly to make it more engaging for the users. As a part of the revamp, the company has added new features to the platform which includes a lot of new settings. Some of the new features on the mobile application of youtube include a new Closed Caption button, which appears on the video layer for easier access. Also, while watching the video, one can now easily toggle autoplay, which is much easier now.

Youtube has been making changes to the UI in recent times, which makes the interface more attractive for the user. This time, the company has re-arranged the buttons which would make the actions of the users even faster. These changes will also be coming to the desktop version of Youtube. Navigating through the list of video chapters have also become a lot easier and faster for the users. It allows them to jump a specific section of the video. At the same time, users can switch between the time counting and time elapsed in the video.

Also, while watching a video, if Youtube thinks that the experience is going to be better in landscape or portrait, it will suggest you rotate the phone. Gestures like swiping up on the video will bring the video to a full screen and swiping down will contract the video to a smaller window again. There are even more features that Youtube has added to the app to make the experience even better than before.

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