Youtube adds “New to you” tab to show content from lesser-known creators you do not follow

If you have been using Youtube for a long time now, you must have noticed that the app tries to show the videos based on your recent selection and choices only. This is great to find the content on Youtube as per your interest, but it also leads to watching similar content, especially when there is a lot of new and fresh content on the same platform. It is why Youtube has added a new feature called the “New to you” tab. The feature was tested earlier this year and is not finally ready to be rolled out to global users on the stable version.

The tab will be available on the homepage of the platform on all devices like OC, mobile, TVs, and more. The feed on Youtube is made up of content for the creators you follow. The “New for you” tab will allow you to explore the content of lesser-known Youtube creators and will feature new content rather than the regular content as per your viewing history. The tab will provide you with content for Youtubers you have never seen before.

The user will have to sign in with the Google account on Youtube to enable this feature. Also, since it is a personalized feature, it might not be available every time. It will appear in the topics bar in the app and in case you do not see the option, refreshing the feed will show it again. If you have still not tried it, then do check out Youtube and have a look at new and fresh content.

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