YouTube Music Continues to Grow with Premium Perks like Automatic Downloads

YouTube Music constantly expands with new feature expansions, albeit with its fair share of annoyance.

Yet, YouTube Music has over 80 million listeners, with a sizable proportion paying for the premium level.

Customers who sign up for a subscription receive many benefits, including ad-free music, which is enough to entice them to move from competing services.
We may add another discount to the list in the Android app’s settings.

This “Last Played Songs” update was mentioned in the February 2023 YouTube Music Highlights post and was picked up by 9to5Google.
Please enable it so that YouTube Music will download up to 200 songs depending on your browsing behavior.

It operates independently of “Smart Downloads,” which means that “Recently Played Music” will be downloaded even if “Smart Downloads” is disabled.

Premium account holders can enable “Last Played Songs” by navigating to the “Download & Storage” section in the YouTube Music app.

YouTube Music Premium Perks

According to Google, the new control will go into effect on the 12th.
January was released, although most consumers only noticed it in the last few days.

Google hasn’t said where these automated downloads will appear, and there isn’t a visible playlist containing those songs on the Home screen display or under the Library menu.
Yet, the company’s wording implies that they are only for offline playback.

If you’re in a situation where you don’t have access to the internet, both “Smart Downloads” and “Recently Played Music” downloads sound like viable possibilities for filling the entertainment void.

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