Youtube Music free users can now listen to music in the background but lose the feature of watching videos

Youtube Music has been gaining a place in the market slowly and steadily and has become a major player in the online music streaming industry. The company has recently made a lot of new changes to the platform which brings and removes a few features for the free users. The update brings major benefits for the free tier users where they will now be able to listen to the music in the background. This feature is already available on a lot of popular music streaming platforms and now it is a part of Youtube Music as well.

However, the addition of this feature also brought a removal of another feature that existed for free users. The free tier users will now not be able to watch videos on the app. The video watching feature will soon be limited to premium users only. Previously, the background listening feature was only available to premium users and the video watching feature to the free tier users. It has basically been swapped between the tiers of users in the new update.

YouTube video

This way, the app will become an audio-only app for the free users and might interest them to upgrade to the premium version to watch videos. The free users will now be able to listen to music in the background, shuffle play personalized mixes, can find tracks for workouts, commute, etc, explore through the entire song library of the app, and play uploaded tracks on demand. The premium users will get all these features and can also listen to songs on-demand, watch videos, skip tracks and enjoy the app content without ads.

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