Viewers on Youtube will not be able to see the Dislike count

When you see a video on the Youtube platform, you always have the option to either hit the Like or Dislike button, adding to the popularity of the video. However, it might soon happen that you will not be able to see the Dislike button anymore. Youtube has announced a major change in their platform and has decided that the Dislike count for a particular video will now be made private on the website and app. Therefore, only the video creator will now be able to see the number of dislikes on the video instead of the viewers watching the video.

The dislike button and the number of dislikes and like have remained a part of the Youtube platform right from the start. However, as per Youtube, the feature will benefit the content creators and will avoid any kind of “dislike attacks“, which were very common last year as well. It would also help to protect the creators from any kind of harassment on the content. The dislike button will still be a part of the video like the Like button, but the stats of the dislike will only be available to the content creator.

Therefore, users will still be able to hit the dislike of the video if they want to. The feature was added as an experiment earlier this year but was only visible on random channels, but now it will be available to all the channels from now on. Some users think that this feature will not do any good, as they dislike count is used to determine misleading and clickbait videos as well and also a video that was potentially a scam.

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