Zoom is lifting its forty-minute deadline on video calls for ThanksGiving day.

When it comes to video calls, it has been one of the most popular and most used internet services this year due to the pandemic and continues to change the way people used to work. Initially, video calling services were totally free but in the future, all the companies providing such services have decided to provide the same services on the basis of paid subscriptions. Now the problem arises as free users have been provided with limited calling time in one call and for the unlimited calls feature they would have to pay a certain amount. 

However, Zoom, one of the most popular video calling platforms has announced that it will lift their standard forty minute limit on the free video calls this ThanksGiving day to make it easier for families to connect with their loved one virtually. The removal of the forty-minute deadline will be effective from midnight on ThanksGiving day to 6 am ET on November 27. The announcement for the same was made by the company on Twitter and it will be applicable for global users. The deadline of forty minutes has been a major restriction, forcing the users to restart the call after the time ended. 

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The company has reached more than 300 million users and is also working more on improving its security on the platform. This move will surely influence other companies as well to offer free unlimited calling time to the users for a limited time. No matter what, the initiative by Zoom is definitely going to leave a very positive effect on the company’s image.


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