A new Dongle shaped Mini-PC is in the Market

Carrying computers and laptops everywhere might not be an option for everyone and the way technology is shrinking in size, everything is expected to come in a compact size. A very similar device has been recently launched in the name of the T98 Mini PC. The device is in the shape of a Dongle that can easily connect to any screen with the inbuilt HDMI port and turn it into a portable computer. The device was first reported by Techradar, which gave many details regarding the device.

The dongle shaped device measures 38x89x15mm, which is very similar to the size of an Amazon Fire TV stick. The dongle is powered by 4GB DDR3 RAM and 32 GB MMC flash memory. The dongle is powered by a quad-core Cortex-A53 processor and also has a Mali T720 GPU, which has the capability to support 6K video resolutions. To use this portable computer, one simply has to connect it to a screen via HDMI port. The dongle also has 2 micro USB ports, one of which is the 3.0 USB port. It also has a micro SD card slot in case you want to add extra memory.

The device is great for users who like to use Microsoft Office tools and GSuite on any screen at a given point. The dongle does not have Wi-Fi, audio ports, but comes with remote control for specific features. Priced at around $44.59, the product is only available in China but can be imported to other countries

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