Microsoft has removed driver update through Device Manager

Microsoft has been working on a lot of new features that will be added to the future updates of Windows 10. However, Microsoft has recently removed a feature from its operating system without any kind of notification or announcement. The feature is related to Windows Device Manager which allowed us to update the drivers automatically through the web by searching the Microsoft platform. However, it seems that Microsoft has silently removed the feature from the Windows operating system, after the May update.

As per the new update, the users will only have the option to browse and install drivers that have been downloaded by them locally or via third-party tools. Another option is to check the drivers through Windows Update. The device manager was one of the quick troubleshooting ways through which the issues of many apps and features could be resolved using the automatic update. However, the user will no longer be able to check for any kind of driver updates using their device manager on Windows. These features used to be the easiest for novice and beginners, where they could easily fix any kind of hardware and software issue.

However, as per Microsoft, the program was hardly used by any user to update their drivers due to which it was decided that the feature will be removed. Users can still download and install the drivers from the manufacturer’s sites. The option now does not connect to the internet to search drivers anymore and the process of searching for drivers will immediately end. The only option that the user will have now is to check for Windows update is there is any update related to the drivers.


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