Adobe Photoshop for iPad gets feature from desktop version

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most powerful photo editing tools in the world. After it was specifically launched for Apple iPad a few months back, it has started updating it with key features from the desktop version. Since its launch, the Adobe Photoshop for iPad was criticized for being just a basic version, which was not as powerful as the desktop version, when it comes to editing pictures and images.

However, Adobe did listen to the user feedback and is all set to add a whole new set of features that is available in the desktop version as well. 

Adobe has announced to bring a new feature to Adobe Photoshop on the iPad, which is also present in the desktop version. After this feature, the user will select fine, troublesome objects like hair, fur, and other tricky materials. The newly added Refine Edge Brush enables Photoshop users on iPad to select subjects and objects in images with a high state of precision on heavy elements.

Items such as strands of hair flying around in the wind, the fuzzy fur on cats or rabbits, the fine feathers on a bird, a shaggy dog tail, and frizzy human hair can be easily selected.

The tool’s functionality has been revamped for iPad so that the tools can be easily used on the iPad as it is easy to use on a PC or Mac. The tool will work in a similar to the desktop version, making it easier for the users to use it. They have also added the feature to rotate the canvas using two fingers on the touchscreen. The same gesture can be used to zoom in and out of the image. As per Adobe, there are many more features that will be added to the app in the future to utilize the processing power of an iPad.


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