Top 10 Best Free Movie Apps for iPhone & iPad

Smartphones like iPhones are the lifeline of today’s world, and there are many things that we carry in it. Be it our details, professional contacts, our schedule, or free movie apps for iPhone for our entertainment. iPhones and iPads are some of the most popular devices and smartphones used by people worldwide to consume media and store movies, games, and music.

They provide the users with the best viewable screen and crystal clear sound that makes them the perfect devices to view movies and media. It is why the consumers have been using a lot of movie applications on the iPhone and iPad. Since people always have their smartphones with them, it is one of the best and portable ways to carry movies and media for entertainment.

The last few years have seen increased online streaming services from millions to billions across the globe. Especially now, when people are going through a lockdown period due to Coronavirus, consumption of online streaming services has gone off the charts. According to a recent study, the average time a person spends on their smartphone has increased by more than 80%, bringing even more gains for smartphone applications. Out of this movie, watching has been one of the most entertaining sources for smartphone users. It not only helps you to pass the time but also eliminates boredom.

It’s a great way to spend time with your loved ones as well. There are many different options for iPhone and iPad users when it comes to online movie streaming applications. This online movie application comes with some of the latest movies from international cinema, documentaries, drama flicks, and app exclusives. You will be amazed to see what all these movie applications on iPhone and iPad can deliver. Let’s have a look at some of the best and free movie apps for the iPhone.

Below is the List of Best Free Movie Apps for iPad and iPhone


netflix apps to watch free movies

Almost everyone has heard the name of Netflix in this category. It is currently one of the best free movie apps for iphone and iPad to watch movies, drama, and many more. There is something for everyone to watch, be it kids, adults, or older people. Netflix does come with a monthly subscription, which is worth it when it comes to the content it has.

You have a large collection of latest and popular movies and a lot of Netflix exclusives. The platform has hours of content on it, which means you will never get bored. Netflix has content from all around the globe, and you can find movies from all kinds of cinema. If you are confused about subscribing to the best movie streaming app, then this should be on the top of the list to go for. You need to create an account and subscribe to a plan to watch Netflix.


ios apps to watch free movies

If you want apps to watch free movies on iphone and other content online for free on your iPhone and iPad, then Crackle is something you would definitely like. It is a mobile application from Sony that provides some of the most popular movies to watch. The application has been specifically developed for your go-to-medium for watching movies on the iPhone.

You will find different categories, like Action, Comedies, Drama, and a lot more. It is currently one of the first applications in its category and provides top quality streaming service. Although the user does not have to pay anything, it does popup ads after every 10 minutes of usage. It supports multiple devices at once and does not require the user to login. Playing and pausing a movie on one device will also reflect on the other.


apple iphone watch free movies

Showbox is one of the most popular names in free movie apps for ios. If you are looking for the latest movies on a movie streaming application, then this is the one you should install right now. It comes with a wide variety of movies, TV shows from around the world.

It not only provides the user to stream the movie online but also provides a search option for the user where they can easily download the favorite movie offline and watch it later through the application. With regular updates on the IOS devices, it is one of the best performing and simple to use movie applications.


vimeo for free movies

One of the most visually presentable applications for watching movies is Vimeo. It is one of the great free movie apps for iPad with a big collection of movies and content. It has many different genres to choose from, like Action, Comedy, Thriller, and Animation. Vimeo is also known for a good collection of short movies and documentaries.

So if you love those kinds of movies, then Vimeo is one of the best options for you. It supports 4K content streaming as well and has a very smooth UI. There is also an option for the user to purchase and watch the latest blockbuster movies on demand. When it comes to streaming services, it has one of the best and the most reliable servers.

Tubi TV

tubi free movies for ipad and iphone

When it comes to free movie apps for ios, you can never miss Tubi TV. The movie application has a wide variety of MGM Grand, Paramount Pictures, Lionsgate, and other movies. You will find movies that have been highly rated from a platform like Rotten tomatoes. The video streaming services form Tubi is reliable and completely free for those looking to watch movies without any subscription.

The app earns its revenue through ads that will keep popping on your screen every few minutes, which can also be annoying. It has many genres to choose from, such as Comedy, Action, Horror, Drama, Classics, Family & Kids. It allows the users to start the movie at the same time it was stopped before. It can sync through multiple media platforms and can also cast content on various devices.

Pluto TV

best apps to watch free movies

Pluto TV is a great movie application that is compatible with the iPhone and iPad and on other platforms like Android. It broadcasts content from different video feeds and has a lot of movies, dramas, and internet videos to watch from. Like popular video streaming services, it allows the user to hide a video feed from the view and simulate services provided from cable TV. It provides you with the guide of video channels where you can view the content as per the timing, like in a cable TV.


free movie apps for ipad

If you are looking for apps to watch free movies on the iPhone, then VUDU is one of the best and free ones to go for. It has tons of free shows and movies across different categories to watch from. The interface is smooth and very easy to guide through for a new user. It also has an inbuilt screen recording application to record while watching a movie. With more than 100,000 different titles, you can watch movies online and offline on your device.

Popcorn Time

free movie apps for ios

If you are looking for apps to watch free movies on the iPhone, then VUDU is one of the best and free ones to go for. It has tons of free shows and movies across different categories to watch from. The interface is smooth and very easy to guide through for a new user. It also has an inbuilt screen recording application to record while watching a movie. With more than 100,000 different titles, you can watch movies online and offline on your device.

Sling TV

free sling movie app for ios

Sling TV is a free movie application for smartphones, which has thousands of movies and dramas to view from. It not only provides the user with movies and other shows to watch from but also provides content from news and sports. It can also be used to stream from 150 channels around the globe and provides content from channels like ESPN, TNT, CNN, HGTV, the History Channel, and many others. It also provides a wide range of kids content from Disney, Nick Jr, Cartoon Network, and more.


free movie watching apps for iphone

The movie application has been developed by Rakuten and is an excellent application for free movie apps for iPad. If you are into watching content from Asian TV, Korea, China, and Japan, then this is the movie application you show download. It has all these shows with over 200 languages to view from. One of the unique features it has is the ability to chat with other users while watching movies and shows. The application is free to download and has a lot of free content on offer. However, you can also view premium content with a paid subscription.

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