Alexa to provide details about vaccination for Covid-19 and centers, when asked “Where can I get a COVID vaccine?”

A few days back Google launched a new feature to their platform where the users could track or know about the centers where they could get the vaccination for Covid-19. It was a great feature for those living in both urban and remote areas, as they could accurately get the detail of where the vaccination is available. Now, Amazon has also launched a similar feature where the Alexa voice assistant will help with questions like “Where can I get a COVID vaccine?

It will provide all the details about the vaccination centers and the availability of the vaccination as well. The feature has been launched in more than 85 countries for now and will soon be released in other places globally as well. The feature will begin to be made available in the US and then will be launched simultaneously in other parts of the world. The user can not only search the vaccination centers but can also search based on a certain location. Alexa will also help in providing appointments and connecting to the concerned person.

At the same time, Alexa will also bring in features where the users can know about testing centers and the availability of testing kits as well. These features will soon be launched in other countries as well in association with the programs governments are running to control Covid 19 and educate the people about all the details regarding it. Such an initiation from companies like Google and Amazon has been appreciated by the users as well.

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