Amazon launches a Home Drone that flies around inside your house.

Among the many other things that Amazon launched in their event, the company also launched an all-new home drone. The drone is meant for constant surveillance and will keep flying around the home to make sure that it covers the entire home. The multi-camera drone flies from room to room surveilling your abode from overhead. The drone is called Ring Always Home cam and has been specially designed for customers who did not want multiple cameras set up in every room or they did not have any power outlets to support them. 

The drone has been programmed to check any kind of disturbance in your home and check it immediately. Whenever a disturbance is detected in your home, the drone will immediately launch and fly to where the noise came from or the incident is. The device could turn out to be a great addition to home surveillance without even having a need to place cameras everywhere in the house. The drone could easily give intruder alert and can detect whether the disturbance was created by a human or an animal. 

The only issue that could cause a problem for the device is the partnership with the law enforcement agencies which actually provide them with a surveillance network in every home. It is a kind of surveillance network that places dangerous burdens on people of color and feeds racial anxieties in local communities, as mentioned by Senator Ed Markey of Massachusetts to Amazon. The company has clearly mentioned that it will be completely the customers’ choice on whether they want to share the footage with the local police and it will not be a feature forced upon them.


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