New Amazon’s Halo fitness tracker will detect human emotions through voice and create a 3D scan to measure body fat.

Amazon has been known for innovating some great tech and integrating it into consumer products. The next big thing they are investing their resources into is a fitness tracker. The new fitness band from Amazon is going to bring a lot more features than what is already existing in the market. The details confirm that the fitness band from Amazon will have activity tracking, heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, and a lot more.

The fitness band is named Halo fitness tracker and it will also have the ability to listen to the human voice and track the emotional state of the user. Apart from this feature, it will also estimate the user’s body fat percentage by taking a three-dimensional render of the body. These features will make Amazon’s fitness band a lot more unique and appealing to the consumer. The fitness band will also have features like an accelerometer, temperature sensor, heart rate monitor, two microphones, and an LED indicator light.

Amazon has clarified that the in-built microphone will not be used to use Alexa, as it is not a feature in the device. Also, the microphone will only be used to track the emotional state of the user and can easily be turned off as per the choice of user. However, the wrist band will also lack a few features that are very common in other fitness bands like GPS, Wi-Fi, and a cellular radio. When it comes to the voice detection feature, it will pick the pitch, intensity, rhythm, and tempo of your voice, and then return insights into your emotional state.

It also has a feature called “notable moments” which will allow you to check your emotional state during a very specific moment, like talking to a person or having an interview, etc. The voice samples it collects is uploaded to Amazon’s server and it is sent to the phone via Bluetooth for analysis. Similarly, the 3D scan features will upload the details to the Amazon server for analysis using machine learning models and will immediately delete it after its done. However, the user needs to be more than 18 years old to use the feature.

The cost of the fitness band will be $99, at $3.99 per month for the services. The monthly subscription will have services like feature body composition, tone of voice analysis, sleep and activity tracking, and challenges designed to improve a wearer’s health. Also, the band will be offered for $64 as an introductory offer with six months of free service.

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