Amazon launches Ziggy in the US, make counterpart voice for Alexa on Echo speakers

Amazon Alexa was launched in the month of November 2014, and ever since then, the female voice of Alexa has been the most recognized part of the platform. Till now Amazon only offered a female voice option for Alexa, but now it seems that we have a male voice option also. The company has created a male voice for the platform and has named it Ziggy. It will be provided as an option voice option for the users and now they can select between both the male and female voice. 

Users simply have to select between the new or original voice option and can also ask Alexa to change its voice. The voice option will not be applied automatically and can only be changed by the user. The new voice is male and very masculine at the same time. The voice can either be changed by voice command or by simply going into the settings of the Alexa app. Amazon has been the last in the most popular AI assistant to provide a male counterpart for their platform. 

Something similar has already been done by Apple and Google in the past for their AI assistant. Amazon has also confirmed that the male voice will only be launched in the US and there is no confirmed date as to when it will be launched for global Alexa users as well. However, it seems that the company will be adding more features and will make the male voice option better before actually releasing it for other countries.

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