Will Amazon Luna bring new features to the Online Cloud Gaming platform.

A few days back Amazon made an announcement about their cloud gaming platform “Luna” which will compete with the Google Stadia and Microsoft Cloud gaming platform. However, ever since the launch of the service, users have a lot of questions on how Luna will provide the users with a better and unique experience when compared to other cloud gaming platforms. When it comes to Luna, fairly speaking it is no different from what users have already seen from Google and Microsoft and still continues to follow the same track without any major innovation on the same. 

The most common problem that Amazon is going to face is the list of exclusive game titles that are being specifically designed for the cloud gaming platform. There has been no such information on how Amazon is planning to bring a lot of new gaming titles and exclusives in the future on their platform, that it will be a tough call especially when you are competing with Google and Microsoft which already has a lot of connections with gaming developer studios. Amazon did inform the users that they will be partnering with Ubisoft to bring a lot more content on the platform such as Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla and Far Cry 6.

The company also claimed that these titles will be available on Luna at the same time it is released by the company, but they will not be exclusives for Amazon. When you compare it to Google and Microsoft, they already have signed many exclusive titles for their cloud gaming platform and Amazon is still lagging behind. However, if Amazon wants to pull it off they will have to offer the users a lot more than what they are being offered by the competition.


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