Google Stadia is planning to add around 400 games next year to its platform

Ever since Google has started working on Google Stadia, there has been a lot of speculation regarding the future of the platform and how cloud gaming will be able to compete with high-performance console and PC gaming. However, with the kind of improvement Google has shown in Stadia, it seems like Google might be able to bring a new popular genre of the gaming industry to life. For now, there are around 100 games that one can play on Stadia and people are already excited to know the direction Google is going to take in the future for the platform to expand. 

As per the latest details from Stadia executive, Google is looking to add over 400 new games on the platform in the future. As per the Stadia Director Jack Buser, “the company has already finalized the plans for the year 2021 and it is going to be an incredible year for both Stadia and users. The team is currently focused on mapping out 2022. But as it stands right now, Google has 400 new games heading to Stadia.” As per him, all the games that are currently in development include around 200 developers. 

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So the only question people were afraid about was whether Google is going to kill it if no developments were being made. The answer is no, as the company is fully dedicated to creating this platform and further expanding it into a whole new genre of gaming. Google is already looking forward to bringing more and more games to the platform and upgrading it with constant optimization updates.

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