Android Auto will not work without a dedicated car screen in the future

Google has been working on Android Auto in order to integrate into almost all cars and get them connected to the users. A while back Google confirmed that users will now be able to use the Android Auto app on their smartphone and use it the same way as the Android Auto display screen. The main purpose of the same was to replace the dated display with smartphones which are always accessible to the users. However, Google has suddenly made a big change to the same and has removed the support for Android Auto from a smartphone. 

It does seem surprising as there was no information from Google about this in the past. A shortcut for Android 10 devices was created which could use Android Auto on the smartphone. However, many users have recently reported that they are unable to use it. The same issue has also been reported by many Pixel users as they were unable to use the app in Android 12 Beta. The warning notification asks the user to try out Assistant Driving Mode and that the Android Auto will no longer be supported on the smartphone display. 

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Now Android Auto will only work in a car with a dedicated car screen. The changes have not hit many users, for now, however, it could be rolling out with the release of Android 12 later. One can still use the Assistant Driving Mode on the phone but it is not as convenient as Android Auto. For now, users will be able to use the Android Auto in almost every region, unless the update rolls out.

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