The new Android Auto app update would allow the app to open automatically when connected, even when locked

When it comes to smartphones, the most basic features that the users want while driving their cars is automatic connectivity with their smartphones. Android Auto app was launched with a similar vision and Google is now trying to make the app better with more features that would reduce the human interaction while connecting the phone to the car. The app would let you access a limited set of optimized functions while driving. To do so you would need to connect the phone to the car infotainment system initially through a wire or wirelessly. 

Now Google is working on a new feature that allows their smartphones to connect with the car infotainment system without having to unlock their smartphones. Currently, the Android auto app opens automatically after being connected to the car infotainment system. However, after the app was checked by developers, there were certain codes and programs which brings out a possibility that future updates of the apps will help to connect the phone automatically without unlocking it. 

YouTube video

For now, it is not clear if the function is available for both wired and wireless connections, but it is something that can only be confirmed when a future app update activates the function. The new feature could be a great fix to connection failure problems in the app, where the phone remains automatically connected no matter if the phone is locked or unlocked. It will also allow the Android Auto app to immediately open automatically with the users doing so manually.

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