Apple to make more than 75 million 5G iPhones this year

Apple is all set to launch its new range of 5G devices next month, which will include the all-new iPhone 12, the new iPad, Apple Watch, and a lot more. A recent report from Bloomberg has recently been released which states that Apple has been asking its suppliers to make at least 75 million 5G ready iPhones for later this year. The total number of devices that Apple has asked its suppliers to make is around 80 million, which would also include the new iPad Air, Apple Watch, Homepod, and a lot more.

These numbers indicate that the company is expecting the sales of their new devices to be much more than the previous generation. The company will be launching a 5G enabled device with faster wireless speed and a different design. Also, the new range of devices from Apple will come with multiple variants to choose from, leading to more choices for the customer. It would lead to more sales of the devices as customers can select among the various options as per the preference. Also, since the company is ready to launch all the iPad and Apple Watch, the overall sales will definitely see a large boost.

It was also reported that Apple is working on an over-ear headphone and an improved gaming remote controller for users which could further add to the list of available devices for sales. The increasing estimates do reveal that Apple understands how the customer choices and preferences are working and how it would lead to more sales.

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