Netflix streaming support will soon come on Amazon Echo Show devices.

Amazon introduced its latest generation of smart speakers with Alexa assistant in the Amazon Hardware show. Among all the Amazon echo shows, which is one of those smart speakers with a 10-inch screen, will not be able to stream Netflix as well. It’s not the first service that will be able to stream on the amazon echo show. The device was able to stream online streaming platforms like Amazon Prime Video and Hulu. Netflix will be the third platform that will be able to run on the device. 

In the last few months, Netflix has been trying to expand and become a part of every streaming device that is being launched the world over. This strategy has in fact helped them a lot during the last six months where they have seen a large number of new users on their platform. Adding themselves to Amazon devices would create more areas of expansion for the streaming platform. The development was announced by Amazon during the annual Echo event where the company also unveiled the new generation of Echo devices. 

The users will be able to use voice search and start streaming on Netflix through their devices. The price of Amazon Echo Show 10 has been priced at $249.99 in the US and Echo Show 8 at Rs, 9,499 in the Indian market. It is expected that Amazon will bring more services and streaming partners to its Amazon Eco environment to make the users more dependent on the device to view entertainment as well. 


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