Apple adds a “Listen Now” tab to Apple Music Beta

Apple launched a new web version of their Apple Music platform in beta version, in the month of September last year. The streaming service was to provide the best quality and a large variety of music content to the users. The web version beta stage ended in the month of April this year after a lot of changes and optimizations were done. Now Apple has relaunched its Apple Music web beta version with new features and UI changes.

The new web version will now come with a “Listen Now” which will be replacing the “For You” tab in the software. The purpose of this tab is to provide you personalized song recommendations based on your previous selection and songs that you have been listening to. The page will also categorize the “Top Picks” based on the recently added songs you have added or a track that you have been continuously listening to. The changes are not only in the features but also the UI. The icon of the sidebar and now in red color and the design in the “Made for You” category is now similar to the Apple Music on Mac Os.

Currently, the web version does have a lot of bugs that a user might have to face while using it, with most of the older bugs being resolved. Unless you do not have a problem with minor bugs, you can start using the new design from Apple Music web version. However, it is suggested that you should wait until the stable version is released.


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