Apple Airpods Studio might see a delayed launch and availability.

One of the most anticipated products from Apple was the Airpods Studio which was expected to launch in the same event where the company is expected to launch the iPhone 12. However, the latest news reveals that Apple might delay or push back the dates for the launch of AirPods Studio. As per the leaked details, The new Airpods studio headphones will be ready by the end of October, so we cannot expect them to launch in the October 13 Apple event. The details clarify that the mass production for the headphones will not complete until October 20, which could delay the availability of the product. 

Apple could still decide to announce the product in the same event, but it would not be available to the customer until the end of the month. The information is about the initial batch of the high-end headphones and nothing specific has been informed about Apple’s production line. The Airpods Studio is the new product offering from the company and provides a high-end and premium experience to the user. Due to its expected launch this month, Apple has also removed any third party headphones from their online and offline stores since September 30. 

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It hints that the headphones will be offered to the customers in the store this month. The headphones are one of the first offerings of their kind and are highly anticipated by music lovers across the world who use Apple products. Apart from this device, Apple is also expected to launch a whole new batch of the audio device in the coming months

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