Apple starts sending invites for the October 13 event, which could see a possible launch of iPhone 12.

Apple has finally started sending invites for their “special Apple event” that is to be held on October 13 and which can likely be the launch event of the iPhone 12 series as well. The invites that have been sent do not include hints as to what can be expected. The Apple event invite is simply an Apple logo with a series of circles and a quote “High Speed“. The quote would definitely be for the new 5G addition to the iPhone series, as the new iPhone is expected to have high-speed 5G connectivity. 

The event is all set to take place on October 13, 10 AM PDT. Apple has been very secretive this time and has not shared any details on the product lineup that will be revealed in this year’s Apple event. Except for the new iPhone 12 series all the other product launches have not been revealed. With the new iPhone 12 series, we can expect to see the all-new variants of the iPhone 12. 

As per the details that have been leaked previously, the four variants that will be launched this year will be the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, and iPhone 12 Mini. Many details about the phone’s design and features have already been leaked where it is expected that the new iPhone will be more expensive than in previous years and will not include a charger for iPhones. Apart from all the leaks, people are now expecting to reveal the all-new iPhone series in its full glory.


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