Apple and Verizon launches ‘5G Fleet Swap’, a new enterprise-level trade-in scheme

Whenever a new iPhone series is launched by Apple, mobile carriers come up with exclusive trade-in offers where one can easily trade in their old smartphones for the new iPhone. A similar offer has been announced today by Verizon with the name 5G Fleet Swap. The scheme is a program that allows enterprise customers to trade in their entire fleet of smartphones and upgrade to an iPhone 12 for zero upfront cost. After the transition, the iPhones used by each business will have zero cost (for the ‌iPhone 12‌ mini) or a low monthly cost. 

When it comes to trade-in, the customer can not only choose to trade phones that were purchased through Verizon, but also the smartphones purchased from some other carrier, and can use them to any iPhone in the iPhone 12 lineup. The program is actually meant to provide a seamless transition from 4G smartphones used in business to 5G enabled smartphones. Apart from the upgrade plan for enterprise customers, 

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Verizon is also letting them know about business apps that would provide much better productivity on the 5G network, such as IBM’s Maximo Visual Inspection app for monitoring production line defects and JigSpace for accessing documents and manuals with detailed augmented reality experiences for the building of technical equipment. Verizon has also announced 5G ultra wideband rollouts for enterprise customers which have already been booked by General Motors and Honeywell. The trade-in deal for the enterprise customers is surely going to boost their productivity with the new smartphones and better 5G network.


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