Details filed in the RTI with questions related to PUBG reveal that access to PUBG in India is not illegal

When it comes to the PUBG ban in India, people are eagerly waiting for the company to launch the new version of the game again. However, due to some terms and regulations from the Indian government, the company is still unable to launch the game in the market, speculations for which started in November 2020. A while back, an RTI filed by Gem Wire asked a few questions from the government which also included a question whether PUBG Mobile is banned for access in India amongst other questions. 

The response received from the Ministry might be a breath of fresh air for every PUBG fan. As per them, they have not banned access to Mobile Nordic Map: Livik App. As per the question in the RTI, the Ministry has already claimed that there has been no open discussion between the ministry and PUBG till now. Also, even when PUBG has created a new gaming app and cut its ties from Tencent, they will have to follow all the regulations that are set for the data privacy of users in India, and without accepting those, the company will not be allowed to launch the game. 

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Therefore, PUBG will have to accept all policies before the launch is approved. The ministry also made it clear that the ban was only on PUNG mobile India and has not been implemented on other PUBG apps that have been created for other countries and can be downloaded and played in India. These details do show that not all doors for the game are closed in India.

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