Apple doubled its business in the Indian market last year.

After the launch of the official Apple website in India last year where Apple would directly sell their products in India, the company had high expectations of Apple’s business in the country. Apple has recently released the numbers and has shown a 60 percent growth, year-on-year in its India business in 2020. However, the growth in the last quarter of 2020 went up to 100 percent on the same basis. Apple has almost doubled their business in the last year in India and seems to be going in the right direction.

As per CEO, Tim Cook, “If you take India for example, we doubled our business last quarter compared to a year-ago quarter.” Although the business in India is increasing, as per him, the business in the country is still very low when compared to the size and opportunity the market in India has. He has also stated that after the online store, the company is also in the process of setting up their own retail stores in the country, which would be a great initiative. It is the first time that the company has doubled the market share in India and recorded such a big growth.

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Tim Cook has already confirmed that they are looking to expand its India operations and said that, “There are several markets, as I alluded to before. India is one of those, where our share is quite low. It did improve from the year-ago quarter. Our business roughly doubled over that period of time. And so we feel very good about the trajectory.


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