Apple to be fined $2 million in Brazil for not adding a charger in iPhone 12 packaging

Apple created a stir in the market for not adding the charger in the iPhone 12 series packaging, for which they were both appreciated and had to take in a lot of hate from customers and other companies. In fact, other companies started mocking Apple for the same and started displaying chargers in the box for comparison. However, the dust seemed to settle in time for Apple. Now as per the latest news, the Brazilian consumer watchdog has fined Apple $2 million.

It is for not including a charger in the newly-launched iPhone 12 series, accusing the tech giant of allegedly engaging in misleading advertising, selling a device without the charger, and unfair terms. Apple already made it clear that the chargers and earbuds in the packaging will be removed due to environmental concerns, but the agency said that Apple did not demonstrate any environmental gains. The agency also cited many other complaints such as “iOS update problems“, “unfair terms” and other issues like “Apple exempts itself from all legal and implicit guarantees and against hidden or not apparent defects.” 

As per the official statement from Procon-SP Executive Director Fernando Capez, “Apple needs to understand that in Brazil there are solid consumer protection laws and institutions. It needs to respect these laws and these institutions.” Now the company has been fined $ 2 million for not adding the charger to the iPhone 12 series packaging. We are still to hear a word from Apple on this and we soon expect Apple to make an official statement.


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