Apple iPhone 13 series might have WiFi 6E support

It has just been over a month since Apple launched its iPhone 12 series in the market and the news for iPhone 13 is already coming out. As per the analyst, the iPhone 13 series will have a significant upgrade to WiFi. The reports about it from Barclays analysts Thomas O’Malley, Blayne Curtis, Tim Long, and their associates were first detailed today by MacRumors. As per them, Apple is going to go for a “game-changing” upgrade when it comes to WiFi support on the iPhones

The reports state that Apple is going to add WiFi 6E in the new iPhone 13 lineup and it is something that has been confirmed by multiple Apple suppliers. WiFi 6 and 6E are two different types of WiFi, where WiFi 6 is supported by the iPhone 12 series and even the older iPhone SE and iPhone 11, support only 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. The new WiFi 6E enabled devices will also support the new 6GHz band along with the 2.4 and 5GHz band. 

The 6GH band is expected to provide much faster speeds of data, which can be up to 9.6Gbps, and wider channels for faster connectivity. Barclays has also reported Cirrus Logic will supply a new power conversion chip for at least some iPhone 13 models and indicated that Apple has no plans to refresh the iPhone SE in the foreseeable future. It is expected that the company could launch a new iPhone SE with a bigger and better display, however, it has not been confirmed yet. 

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