Apple to launch iPhone 13, Airpods 3, and Apple Watch 7 on September 14

The big news from Apple is finally out and they have started to send press invites for a lunch event on Spetmebt 14. It is already confirmed that the event will be the launchpad for iPhone 13, which comes with new features and surprises for all Apple fans. However, it is not the only device that will be launched. It is expected that Apple will be launching the all-new AirPods 3 in the same event as well.

Apple has been very quiet about AirPods 3 and the leaks of it being launched in the same event came out as soon as the invites were sent. As per the details on the internet, it is said that the new AirPods 3 will have a similar design to AirPods Pro and will have a 20% bigger battery case as well. Wireless charging will be a standard feature on these earphones and we can expect usage of up to 4.5hours in a single charge. Apart from these changes, it is also expected that the new earphones will provide a much better bass and low-end experience as well.

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It is great news for people who were expecting a new set of Airpods to launch at the event. The third product in the line will be the Apple Watch 7 which might be launched in the same event, but due to production issues, will have limited availability for some time. We hope to see a lot more interesting things in the Apple event named “California Streaming”.

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