Apple to launch two new Macbook Pro with Mini-LED display in 2022, with Mini-LED iPad next year

A few days back news came in that Apple is looking forward to bringing Mini-Led displays to the Macbook lineup, which would make them more power-efficient and the display better than before. It seems now Apple will be announcing two new MacBook Pro which will be using the Mini-led display. The new Macbook Pro will feature the new Apple Silicon Chips and will launch in the year 2022. Apple has significantly planned to increase the production of Mini-Leds next year and the main driver of this transition of the display will be the MacBook range. 

The Mini-LED display will slowly transition to the iPads in the future as well. The same will also be seen in the new Macbook Air, which will be launched next year. The Macbook Air model with Mini-Led is expected to be much more affordable than the previous version, while the Macbook Pro will have an all-new form factor. As per Ming-Chi Kuo, TF security analyst, MacBook models as the main driver of mini-LED panel adoption as they will see faster shipment growth. 

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The shipment forecast for Apple has also increased from 350% to 450% in 2022 with the estimated shipping going to 10-12 million Mini-Led devices next year. Epistar is supposed to be the main supplier for Apple for Mini-Led displays. It is expected that the new Macbook lineup and iPad with the new Mini-Led display will see a huge rise in demand and will surely help the shift of Apple from Intel-powered devices to Apple Silicon chips.


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