Apple to release new iPad Pro lineup with OLED display in 2021

Apple has already been working on a new screen for their devices which could increase the battery time and reduce the power consumption through the display. Now rumors are there that Apple is looking to release a new iPad with a mini-LED display in H1 2021. The company is also planning to release an OLED iPad Pro in the second half of 2021, where the display panels will be produced by Samsung and LG. 

A few weeks back news came in that Apple is working on a new device with a mini LED and could be using the same technology in both the iPads and iPhones in the coming years. However, as per the latest news, the new OLED display will be only for iPads and will be worked on by Samsung. Samsung is already preparing its units for manufacturing new OLED screens for Apple. OLED iPad screens will be manufactured with higher specification requirements to prevent burn-in and loss of brightness by stacking emitting layers on top of the OLED panels to ensure longer lifespans of the displays. 

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Due to this, Samsung has added a special distribution chamber to its OLED production line to meet Apple’s requirements. There is currently no official confirmation or date by Apple as to when they will be launching the new iPad, however, it is expected that the new iPad and iPad Pro will have a better display, longer battery life, and the addition of 5G technology, which is currently only the part of iPhone 12 series. 


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