Apple to make a lot of major announcement in WWDC 2021

Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference event is all set to be held on June 7 and the event will be entirely digital for the second time. It would be the 32nd year for Apple to showcase its devices and technology. The event will be available on the Apple Developer app and on the Apple Developer website for free to all developers. This year, a lot of new announcements are expected from Apple, out of which iOS 15 and Apple Silicon chips will be the major highlights. 

The event will be available through Apple’s social media channel including Youtube. It can also be watched at, the Apple TV app, and the Apple Developer app and website. iOS 15 is expected to carry forward iOS 14 with some more tweaks, making the experience a little better. The new iOS will only be supported on devices with A10 or later processors. Apart from that, we can also expect the launch of watchOS 8 which will be the newest version of the Apple Watch OS. 

We could also be looking at a major revamp when it comes to the tvOS 15 where it could bring in support for a new gaming controller that Apple has been trying to create alongside Apple TV. Apple will also be announcing the new version of iPadOS 15 and macOS 12 which is expected to make the iPad more powerful and a perfect alternative to a computer. Apple is also working with developers to make pro-level apps for the new macOS 12.

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